Innovative micro-adjustment technology changes how you hug your baby

What is Dial-Fit?

Dial-Fit is powered by the BOA Closure System,
which enables baby gear to fit both baby and parents perfectly

Best Fit for Baby and Caregiver

When you hold a baby in a baby carrier, the fit between your baby and you is most important.
Too loose and your baby could fall out. Too tight and your baby is uncomfortable and might even have trouble breathing.
Hugpapa’s Dial-Fit products help you adjust the carrier to the best fit for both baby and caregiver with just a few turns of the dial.

Quick Adjustment for Each Caregiver

When two or more caregivers use their baby carrier, it’s a hassle to constantly readjust the fit for each body sizing. In particular, baby carrier shoulder straps vary in width and each side needs to be adjusted for a precise fit. With a few easy spins of the dial, Hugpapa’s Dial-Fit Baby Carrier helps both mom and dad get a perfect fit each time they take their turn.

* For chest size differences of 21 cm or more, the webbing belt and/or chest strap will also need to be adjusted.

Why Dial-Fit?

We look back on the nature of parenting.

Drawing inspiration from parenting methods like Attachment Parenting, we’ve come to the conclusion that the participation of all family members, especially dad, in child care is more important than anything else.
Good parenting isn’t just feeding and changing diapers—it’s epitomized in physical contact, consistent attention and immediate, warm responses.
So Hugpapa decided to create a product to help with that most basic and important physical contact: hugging.
Thanks to Dial-Fit, your baby will feel more comfortable and the whole family can hug your baby with ease and on the go.

BOA Technology created the world's best lace and dial micro-adjustment system in Denver, US.

BOA Technology takes great pride in the amazing durability, innovation and versatility of its products.
They are actively involved in enhancing products across diverse industries to improve people’s lives and transform the world.

It was a real challenge to find solutions for the bold ideas of Hugpapa, who wanted to change the way people hold their babies using BOA products.
But we persisted: Together with BOA, Hugpapa sought out and tested creative ways to improve on the way that traditional accessories adjust and secure babies to their caregivers, aiming for maximum stability and safety.
After 8 months of development and testing using BOA micro-adjustment technology, we are proud to present our solution, the Dial-Fit baby gears.


Stay close to your little ones and carry them more.
Hugpapa will transform the way you and your family hold your babies.

Dial-Fit Product OverView


How to Use

Push BOA dial in to engage. You should hear a small click.
Turn the BOA dial clockwise to tighten until it fits comfortably.

Make sure to leave one red arrow visible when tightening the Dial-Fit closure, and only loosen until you see the second red arrow. The strap should always be tightened between these two arrows. Tightening or releasing the strap more than recommended may cause malfunction or damage to the product.

For chest size differences of 21 cm or more, the webbing belt and/or chest strap will also need to be adjusted.

Benefit of Dial-Fit

With only a few dials, the baby will make the safest and most comfortable Fit even though it is not painful
It is easy to solve by simply adjusting the size adjustment when your father and mother alternately wear baby carriers by dialing them several times

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Transform the way you and your family hug and hold your child.
We’ve adapted the Dial-Fit not only for baby carriers, but also for other accessories when babies are ready to try sitting or standing by themselves.

Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Dial-Fit 2 Way Baby Chair Booster

Dial-Fit Baby Carrier