Dial-Fit PRO 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier - Navy Blue

Easier. Healthier
More Comfortable Than Ever.
Dial-Fit 3-in-1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier PRO
Age Guideline: 3-36months / 7.5-33lbs(3.4-15kg)
Recommend to use Infant Insert sold separately for infant less than 12lbs(5.5kg) and under 2 months old
Dial-Fit Innovates
How to Hug Your Baby.
Micro-adjustment fitting solution
Powered BOA Technology
Easy & Quick All-in-One carry for 3-36 months baby
Water & dirt-resistant fabric and
all premium grade material
Dual-layered hip seat foam gives
cushioning as wll as durability
"The most family-friendly baby carrier"
It's another leap.
Experience advanced PRO Features.

Openable front by single zipper

Easier fastening by magnetic buckle

555g ultra lightweight carrier mode

Breathable & comfy air cushioning belt

More cushioning shoulder pads

Wide 7.2" side pocket & front pocket

What is Dial-Fit?
Dial-Fit is Hugpapa's exclusive & innovative world first micro-adjusting fitting solution for baby gears powered by BOA Technology.
Dial-Fit gives the most comfy and customized fit for both baby and caregiver by BOA's dial & lace based micro-adjustment fitting technology on every single moments of nuturing baby. Dial-Fit is safe, durable and trustworthy since it is being produced by strict quality standards and comes with world wide lifetime guarantee.
Why Dial-Fit?
Dial-Fit adjusts the length of the left and right straps in mm simaltaneously.
It quickly and easily creates an accurate fit to the waist and pelvis of baby that keeps a natural C-shape on the baby's spine
It's difficult to fit the baby perfectly due to free form and weak support. Especially, it could loose balance of baby's hip that may twist baby's spine when baby weights more than 8kg.
Classic Soft Baby Carriers
Each shoulder strap should be adjusted indivisually on caregiver's back without micro-adjustment. It may cause wrong balance on baby's hip and interrupt you to hug your baby more closely without risk of suffocation.
Fit everyday growing baby precisely
The baby carrier should fit differently depending on the baby's growth rate and each carrying position
Dial-Fit creates the best fit by just a few turns of dial.
All-in-one carrier for all
Parenting is everybody's responsibility.
Attached parenting begins with carrying baby.
Dial-Fit allows all your family members can carry your baby with each customized fit by up to 22cm wide micro-adjustment.
How to use Dial-Fit
Before use of dial, please set the length of each shoulder pad's webbing belts to fit all your family members more easily with adjustment of dial only. As Dial-Fit can adjust the length of webbing belt up to 8.7 inches(22 cm) on the front of carrier, you need to set them according to main caregiver's chest size on the back of carrier following below guidelines.

1. Release the rubber band at the end of each strap.

2. Adjust the length of the belt more than 8.6 inch(22 cm) for S-M sized women For XL sized men, adjust it less than 5.9 inch(15 cm).

3. Confirm each shoulder pad's webbing belts are adjusted as same length.

How to tighten
How to release
All-In-One solution for all stages
Adaptive design for all positions
The two-step Thigh Supports adjustment makes it easy to create the perfect hip posture that matches your baby's position and growth.
When fold Thigh Supports
In Face-out carrying position, fold the Thigh Supports.
(Recommend to carry the baby over 6months at least for a limited time to keep the health of baby and caregiver's spine in Face-out position)
When unfold Thigh Supports
In Face-in or Back carry position, unfold the Thigh Supports and button them on the belt.
Super easy to make 9 positions
Recommend to use Infant Insert sold separately for infants under 12lbs(5.5kg).
Below age and position guidelines are just for reference and be noted that the timing of use of baby carriers and Infant Insert varies depending on the baby's growth.
Recommend to use Infant Insert sold separately for infans less 12lbs/5.5kg.
Lay the baby on the Infant Insert and fasten the waist belt.
Put on the baby carrier while holding the Infant Insert and attach the taps to the baby carrier's shoulder straps.
(Refer to the manual for detailed usage)
Dual-layered Premium Hipseat
The Hipseat provides sufficient cushioning in all directions, making it more comfortable not only for babies but also for mothers with discomfort in the pelvis due to cesarean section.
Stroung but cushioning
dual-layered design
Inserted core is made of light & hard EPP, and the outer layer is made of soft, fluffy PU to provide perfect cushioning while firmly supporting the baby's weight.
Compact and ergonomic design
provide the most comfy posture.
Inclined angle of the top and curved design gives more comfort to baby's thighs pelvis. Hipseat's made as compact as possible to meet from 3 to 36 months baby. This is the most comfy but compact hipseat ever.
Ergonomics for all your family
555g* Ultra lightweight
to carry more
DIal-Fit carrier reduces the burden of
your knee and waist with ergonomic
lightweight design drmatically.
* 685g in Hipseat carrier mode
Magnets fastens
fastest ever.
Premium grade magnetic buckles give your free from hassle to fasten the carrier on your back.
It's super quick & easy.
* When releasing the buckle, it is easily released by twisting the left and right side up and down.
More comfortable
on your shoulders.
High-elastic polyurethance foam distributes the baby's weight to minimize shoulder pain.
Premium 3D mesh fabric enhances breathability of shoulder straps.
Tip. The best position of chest buckle on the back of carrier
Place the buckle between the point where your neck and spine meet or 2inches below it, and then tighten it for more secured and comfortable fit.
Now your waist can breathe too.
Air Cushioning belt is made of premium EVA foam and air mesh fabric that gives extraordinary breathability and comfort on your waist.
Heathier waist belt for everyone.
Wide waist belt properly distributes the baby's weight throughout your waist
7.2" wide side pocket frees your hands.
Don't miss anything with bigger side pocket with lid.
Hidden idea for your storage.
Front pocket keeps the openable front when you want your carrier more breathable and provides more storage for your small belongings.
Extend the belt as long as you want.
If your waist size more than 43", you can extend Dial-Fit carrier's belt with Extender Belt.
Sold Separately
Tailored design for safety and comfort
Protect baby's head with curved Headrest
High elastic 10mm foam protects your baby's head from unexpected shock. Curved design covers baby's head comfortably.
Fold Headrest outward to check your baby's status easily and prevent suffocation when you carry less than 5months old baby.
Support baby's neck with Sleeping Hood
For more than 5-6 months baby, you can fasten Sleeping Hood on Headrest and Shoulder Straps with snap button to protect baby's neck from excessive shake. Sleeping Hood gives your baby shade from hot sunlight.
Make a seat not slipery
Non-toxic silicone coated Hipseat grab your
baby's hip to prevent any accidental fall from
the carrier.
One single zipper is enough to be cool more.
If you want more breathability on the front of carrier, just unzip the Front Panel.
Don't miss it. Just hide it.
You never miss opened Front Panel.
Just unzip and hide it in the Front Pocket right below Dial-Fit. Of course, you can also keep your belongs in the pocket.
Secure your baby more inside carrier. Sold Separately
Dial-Fit carriers provide hooks for Baby Waist Belt that holds your baby inside the carrier to prevent any accidental fail.
Be careful not to fasten baby's stomach too much.
Premium grade material for safety
Hugpapa don't compromise when it comes to safety and quality. Dial-Fit carrier is built with the best grade material from global leading partners like BOA dial, Woojin buckles, YKK zippers and Sungrip buttons.
# Water and Dirt Resistant Fabric
Outer fabric is made of water and dirt resistant fabric for easier maintenance.
# 3D Air Mesh & Pure Cotton
Premium 3D air mesh fabric inside carrier gives more breathability and cushioning to baby while pure cotton used on Headrest and Thigh Supports where baby's mouth or skin touches to lessen any uncomfort.
# Premium Plastic Velcro
Velcro used on waist belt minimize damage on your clothes and can support baby more than 20kg for the lifetime.
# WOOJIN Magnetic Buckle
Paatented magnetic buckle help you to fasten chest buckle without hassle and won't be broken ever.
# YKK Zipper
Patented auto-locking zipper is easy to fasten and safe enough to support more than 25kg.
# Sungrip Snap Button
World best snap button allow you to fasten more safe easily.
Hugpapais an innovative Baby Gear brand who co-developed `Dial-Fit` for baby gears like carriers & boosters that gives tailored fitting to both baby and caregiver with BOA Technology in Seoul, 2017.
BOA Technology is a global export group who helps the innovation of global leading brand with their own world 1st dial & lace based colsure system that was invented in Denver, 2001.
What could make Hugpapa and BOA Tech to collaborate for 'Dial-Fit'?
That was because they're connected by a common sense, a dad's dream to give better thing to their child.
A dad's dream to give better baby carrier to his daughter and a dad's dream to give easier snow board closure system to his daughter were connected.
To give the most perfect one to his most precious one,
Hugpapa and BOA Technology makes world best 'Dial-Fit' baby carrier.
So 'Dial-Fit' is guaranteed WORLDWIDE in LIFETIME by Hugpapa and BOA.
Now stay close, carry more.
Hugpapa's 'Dial-Fit' will give you a little help for your zprecious one.